Teeth Whitening Can Help You Achieve Your Best Smile

A treatment wherein the colour of a patient’s teeth is whitened by one or many shades, teeth whitening can quickly and effectively rejuvenate smile aesthetics while also boosting a patient’s smiling and speaking confidence.

At Bayview Dental and Implant Centre, we’ve seen the transformative effects of this treatment time and time again, and we’d be happy to discuss whether it’s right for you!

What’s the difference between professional teeth whitening treatment and store-bought products and kits?

Professional teeth whitening treatments provide a much more powerful, longer-lasting result than anything you can purchase over the counter. Professional teeth whitening products are formulated to be more effective, providing more uniform and effective results in less time when used under the supervision of dental professionals like those at our office.

How white will my teeth be and is there an ideal age range to have whitening performed?

The whiteness of a person’s teeth after treatment can vary greatly depending on the individual, however, most people have reported dramatic whitening results with professional treatments.

In terms of how old patients should be for this treatment, generally speaking, most patients over 18 years old are candidates for teeth whitening. However, those who are pregnant or nursing should wait until their condition changes before undergoing treatment.

How long do results last and is anyone a candidate for teeth whitening treatment?

The duration of the results will depend on a patient’s lifestyle and individual habits, but in general, professional teeth whitening can last for many months – and sometimes longer!

In terms of candidates, while most people will be a candidate for this procedure, patients who have active decay or gum disease, and those with restorations on their most noticeable teeth are unlikely to be eligible for this treatment. Our staff can help you better understand your individual candidacy during a consultation.

If you’d like to learn more about how professional teeth whitening could improve your smile, call us today!

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